Linda Grace Paper Florist

Frequently Asked Questions

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I bought a wall decoration, what's the best way to hang it up?

Each flower comes with a metallic hook on the back which can easily fit around most nails or mounting strips. If you do not need a metallic hook, be sure to mention that when you order. 

Why do custom flowers cost more?

One of the best parts of our creations is that we're motivated by the creative spirit and strive to make each individual flower combination unique for each customer. The flower designs and colors we choose are combinations that we'd be happy to showcase in our own homes and you always have the ability to preview the set before purchasing to make sure it will look great in your home as well.

With that mind, we're very happy to put together a beautiful combination to your specifications. We apply a small surcharge for custom orders because the difficulty/time to create the flowers varies and some paper colors are more costly than others. 

If you'd like to choose individual flower designs or want a custom color collection of 5 shades of pink but maybe not 50 shades of grey, we're up to the task. 

How do I care for my paper flowers?

Paper flower decor should be kept indoors and away from contact with water or sunlight. They only need some simple light dusting.

How does it take to process an order?

1-2 weeks

Can I get the flowers mailed to me?

Unfortunately, we do not mail any of our flowers. However, we will arrange delivery that is convenient for both parties.